I have chosen this recipe because for me it’s a truly festive dish that combines three unforgettable and truly seasonal ingredients to produce a beautiful winter plate.  Foie gras, black truffles and partridge.

Serves 4
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2 partridges (approx 350g each)
150g foie-gras
40g black truffles
½ savoy cabbage
20g smoked bacon
4 puff pastry rounds approx 10cm in diameter
20g butter
¼ litre of white stock
1 egg yolk

20g black truffles (grated)
20g foie gras (cut in cubes)
3 garlic cloves
1 onion


Prepare the cabbage by removing the outer leaves, coring it and thinly slicing it – blanch in boiling water and drain well.  In a casserole dish, cook the chopped smoked bacon then add the cabbage, 20g of the butter and finallly ¼ litre of the white stock and reduce.

De bone the partridge, prepare the fillets and thighs and remove the skin.   On each round of puff patry, place a partridge fillet (seasoned with salt and pepper), followed by the finely sliced truffles, a slice of foie gras, a partridge thigh and finally a spoonful of the cabbage and bacon mixture.

Close up the pastry parcel and brush with egg yolk.

Cook in the oven for 15 minutes at 200°c

For the Sauce:

Cook the carcass of the partridge until golden.  Sweat the  onions and minced garlic and then add the partridge carcas. Add 3 litres of water and leave to cook slowly until reduced and you have the desired consistency.  Remove the carcas and strain the liquid (you can further reduce it at this stage if you need to).  Finally add the cubes of foie gras and then the grated black truffle.

About Chef Momo

Mohammed is a fully qualified and experienced chef, classically trained in French cuisine.   His career has seen him travel the world and work in many luxury hotels and fine dining kitchens including the infamous Eden Rock in St Barths and Gleneagles in Scotland. Momo is based in the South of France and available for freelance and permanent work.

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