This recipe has a light crisp texture and a delicious burst of citrus flavours mixed with spices  – it is fresh, seasonal and healthy. I have used many ingredients that are in season right now including British asparagus, cod, fennel, mint, watercress and spring onions.

Serves 4
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4 Pieces of cod (thicker pieces from the head end are better)

1/2 tsp turmeric
1tsp mild curry powder 4tbsp grated coconut
1tbsp olive oil
5tbsp chopped coriander
1 clove garlic finely minced 1tbsp fish sauce
1 green chilli finely chopped 1tbsp honey
zest and juice of one lime

12 asparagus spears cut in half length ways Grated/ shavings Coconut (as much as you like) 80 g Beanshoots
4 Bok choi
2 Spring onions finely sliced
Coriander Leaves (small bunch)
20g roasted peanuts
2 Limes (in segments)

juice and zest of 1 lime 1 tbsp Olive oil

Saffron sauce:
Pinch of Saffron
2 tbsp Mayonnaise
2 tbsp Natural Yoghurt Lemon
1/2 tsp honey
Salt and Pepper


Mix all of the marinade ingredients together in a dish and then add the cod and rub the marinade into it. Refrigerate for 30 mins.

Cover the saffron in lemon juice and leave for 20 mins.

Pan fry the cod for 2 minutes or until slightly caramelized. Transfer to an oven proof dish and cook for 10 mins or until cooked.

To make the slaw finely slice the fennel, spring onions and chilli. Add the beansprouts , lime segments, coconut, peanuts and watercress and mix with the vinaigrette and season to taste.

Lightly steam the asparagus and bok choi for roughly 2 mins so it is still crunchy then add to the slaw.

Mix the saffron and lemon juice with the mayonnaise and natural yoghurt and season.

Place the cod on top of the slaw and drizzle the saffron sauce around the edge. Garnish with chopped coriander and more coconut and peanuts if wanted.

About Chef Georgie

Georgie has worked as a private chef for just over 4 years now – catering for a number of different clients and events from an intimate dinner for 2 to a cocktail party for 150.   In addition to two ski seasons, Georgie has also worked in Greece for two consecutive Summers for an exclusive villa company.  She is now looking to settle down into a permanent job in the UK.

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