Chocolate and strawberries are a fantastic combination. This is a wonderfully light dessert which is ideally served during the summer time.  Throughout the summer in Sweden the strawberries are at their best and they have the most intense flavour.

Serves 12
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Caramelized Chocolate mousse

150 g sugar

100 g water

500 g cream

300 g dark chocolate

2 leaves of gelatine

500 g cream

Strawberry Bavaroaise

400 g milk

400 g cream

125 g sugar

200 g egg yolk

→  stir up to 83 c

4 leaves of gelatine

500 g strawberry puree

600 g light whipped cream

Brown butter snow

100 g butter

Cheese maltodextro powder


Caramelized chocolate mousse

Make a caramel with water and sugar. Add the cream and the gelatine into the caramel and boil it so there are no sugar crystals left. Leave it for 10 minutes and add the chocolate and blitz it. Add the leftover cream into the chocolate mixture.

Strain it and leave it to cool in the fridge for 6 hours.

Whip it up in a kitchen aid to a fluffy mousse and put it back in the fridge for service.

Strawberry Bavaroise

Boil the milk and the sugar. Add the egg yolk and stir carefully until the temperature is 83 degrees. Add the gelatine and strain it into a sieve. Add the strawberry puree and blitz it. Whip the cream softly and combine the strawberry mixture and the cream together.

Brown Butter Snow

Brown the butter in a pan. Cool it down and whip it with the malto powder to a snow powder texture.

About Chef Robin

Robin is a rising star with exceptional talent.  His impressive restaurant background includes a variety of Michelin starred establishments around Europe and he has worked on yachts of up to 89 metres. Best of all, he has a cheerful persona and loves what he does.

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