Whilst there continues to be much debate and difference of opinion regarding the Ships Cook Certificate, Amandine strongly recommends that any chef aiming to spend the next few years in the yachting industry on a larger charter vessel (50m+) should get this certificate.   The industry is already competitive enough and if you don’t have your SCC you could definitely be narrowing your chances of being considered for that perfect job. 

The facts: It is a requirement by several flag states that commercial vessels with 10 crew or more must have a certified and qualified “Ship’s Cook” onboard at all times. This is because of changes in the law brought about by the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006). What this essentially means is that any chef wishing to work on a charter or commercial vessel with 10 crew or more must have an official certificate/qualification certifying them as a Ship’s Cook.

The Ship’s Cook Certificate of Competency is recognized globally and allows you to work on any vessels worldwide.   The Ships Cook Assessment in marine cookery is necessary for all cooks/chefs qualified or not in order to obtain the Ships Cook Certificate by having their skills objectively assessed in a controlled environment.

Training Providers of the Ships Cook Assessment / Assessment in Marine Cookery

France:         Ocean Wave Monaco
UK:                Leiths School of Food & Wine (London) 

Published 14 May 2017

Updated 6 Jan 2021

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