BBC World Service recently invited Amandine’s founder Kate Emery to join their Food Chain podcast to discuss the rise of private chefs.

Presenter Ruth Alexander explores the growing market for professional home cooking and asks whether you’re guaranteed the luxury experience you’re paying for. She speaks to private chef Julia about what it’s like to cook for the rich and famous in The Hamptons, a summer destination for affluent New York residents. Kate Emery, founder of Amandine International Chef Placement tells Ruth how she handles the big personalities of chef and client, and discusses the growing demand for private chefs.  Ruth also talks to one of the newer types of customers about why he’s happy to spend handsomely to hire a private chef for an evening, and why it isn’t always a success. Italian-born chef Marcello treats Ruth to some breakfast, and explains the issues surrounding private chefs and professional standards.

Listen to the full episode here:

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