Our sentiment “Great Food Matters’ feels truer at the moment than it has ever done.  Good food really is so important, not just in terms of supporting the immune system, but also in continuing to bring people together and helping to give back to our amazing frontline medical workers who are working in such demanding conditions.

It’s been heartening to see some fantastic food-related initiatives being set up around the world in support of these incredible medical workers who we have the utmost respect for.  If you’re interested in helping out and volunteering then here are a few initiatives we’ve been following.

COOK-19 provides cooked meals to key workers in the NHS (in the UK) who are sick or in self isolation. They collect donations, food and ingredients for an amazing team of volunteers to turn into food hampers and restaurant quality cooked meals. Please click if you’d like to volunteer or simply donate.

Similarly, Deborah Miller Catering in New York is running a fundraising programme enabling them to deliver food packages to medical staff in the New York area and would welcome any support. They are currently feeding about 100- 150 front line workers a day but are trying to gain awareness for their campaign so they can reach their target of feeding closer to 1000 a day.

If you know of any other initiatives in your area then we’d love to hear about them at admin@amandinechefs.com

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