Simple living, locally sourced and back to basic trends have influenced the way we cook, with foraging, we are taking this to the next level.

Foraging has always been around with mushroom hunting and berry picking, however, it has been revamped by world renowned chefs. The best-known example is René Redzepi from Noma with its New Nordic Cuisine. Noma chefs travel around the Danish islands to pick the freshest ingredients that wild nature has to offer.

Foraging can be done anywhere, even when sailing on a yacht. Successful foraging will allow the chef and clients to discover the origins of the local population and understand the roots of native cuisine and traditions.

Before you go, do respect some safety rules: Firstly, if you’re not sure, do NOT eat it. Secondly, only pick things that are 1m above the ground and clean your findings thoroughly. Thirdly, local experts can help you locate good foraging spots and remove any undesirable findings from your harvest.

The ability to discover forgotten foods and the treasures of our nature has never been cooler, hipper and more avant-garde. So get out there and share your findings with us!

Article by Maison del Gusto Super Yacht Provisioning

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